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Enjoying our favorite and latest movies outside in the cinema hall with our families is something that we can’t forget. But, as time flies, most people have started watching movies and TV shows in their homes with ease. Nowadays, anyone can download and watch the latest content from Hollywood and Bollywood via the internet. Till here, it’s subtle but searching and wandering different links gives us trouble sometimes.

To keep this thing in mind, developers introduced us to numerous mod APKs that contain the latest movies, web series, and animes from all over the globe. PikaShow is one of those mod APKs that allows us to enjoy trending web series, animes, and more stuff. Here we’re going to watch over some features and the installation process.

PikaShow for Roku

PikaShow APK

Have you ever measured the expenses of monthly subscriptions of different OTT platforms like; Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar?

It is a difficult task to maintain and save money while enjoying binge watch. PikaShow comes with the answers to these questions with its free service. In simple terms, it’s a mod APK that lets us watch the latest movies, TV shows, animes, and live TV. It always keeps its users with trending and latest entertainment stuff.

Features of PikaShow APK

Unlimited Content: No need to worry about binge watch if you have PikaShow installed on your device. There is n-number of movies, series, news channels, and animes in different languages. Just open the PikaShow app and enjoy uninterrupted playback.

Categorized stuff: PikaShow has numerous TV shows and movie genres to savor. You can find whatever genre you want to watch from these. It allows you to choose from Action, Adventure, Animation, Sci-fi, Crime, Romance, or Thriller.

HD Quality: If you’re not having fun with the video and audio quality from other apps, then give it a try to PikaShow. It doesn’t compromise with the video quality in it’s all movies and TV shows. One can play anything starting from 360p to 1080p.

Live Sports: We all know the craze that is going on in the world of sports. For the pleasure of its users, PikaShow provides several channels that live stream all the sports like; NBA, Cricket, Football, Hockey, or Table tennis.

How to Install PikaShow on Roku?

Installation of PikaShow requires a third-party application named All screen receiver. Follow these steps carefully for the successful installation of PikaShow on Roku.

  1. In the initial step, make sure to connect Roku stick with your smart TV.
  2. Now, in the Roku store look for “All screen receiver”.
  3. Press the +Add Channel to install it on Roku.
  4. Now, on your Smart Phone, search “All-Screen” in the Google Play store and begins the process of installation.
  5. In the next step, install PikaShow APK via some secure website.
  6. Open it and search movies or TV shows according to your interest.
  7. Now open that particular movie or show with “Open With”
  8. You will see a bunch of playing with options. Choose All Screen from appearing choices.
  9. One more important thing is to make sure both Roku TV and Smart Phone have the same network.
  10. Now, it will establish the connection between Roku TV and PikaShow APK.


PikaShow is one of those excellent APKs that lets you watch numerous titles in different subtitles and languages for free of cost. It doesn’t require any sort of registration and money. In this APK, you will see fewer ads compare to other APKs available in the market.

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